Iron County Markers / Sites

Hurley's Historic Silver Street, Iron County, Wisconsin

In addition to the two Wisconsin Historical Society Markers, I have visited two veterans memorials / monuments, one Wisconsin Registered Landmark, and five miscellaneous sites, and located four Heritage Sign Program signs, for a total of 14 historical sites in Iron County.

Wisconsin Historical Society Markers (2):

Marker 113: Gogebic Iron Range (visited June 25, 2013)

Marker 314: Iron Mining in Wisconsin (visited June 25, 2013)

Heritage Sign Program (4):

Heritage #120: Mercer Historical (Depot) Museum

Heritage #121: Little Finland (visited June 25, 2013)

Heritage #122: Iron County History Museum (visited June 25, 2013) 

Heritage #123: Plummer Mine Headframe (visited June 25, 2013)

Heritage #124: Montreal Company Mining Town

Heritage #125: Hurley Heritage Area

Heritage #126: Log Cabins of Pence

Heritage #127: Flambeau Trail Crossing (visited June 25, 2013)

Heritage #128: Gile Falls Mining

Heritage #129: Superior Falls

Heritage #120: Saxon Harbor

Heritage #131: Legend of Emerson (Park) (may also be Price County)

Heritage #133: Lake of the Falls

Heritage #134: Turtle Portage

Heritage #135: Continental Divide

Heritage #136: Hurley's Lower Block

Heritage #137: Manitowish Roddis Line

Veterans Memorials / Monuments (2):

Blue Star Memorial Highway (visited June 25, 2013)

Iron County Vietnam Veterans War Memorial (visited June 25, 2013)

Wisconsin Registered Landmarks (1):

WRL-77: The City of Montreal (visited June 25, 2013)

Miscellaneous (5):

Little Finland Cultural Center / Museum / Gift Shop (visited June 25, 2013)
Dedicated to our Finnish ancestors (visited June 25, 2013)

Iron County Heritage Area: Flambeau Trail / Little Finland (visited June 25, 2013)
George W. Sullivan / Teacher (visited June 25, 2013)

Hurley's Famous Silver Street (visited June 25, 2013)

Iron County: Miscellaneous Shots

Miners and Loggers Memorial (visited June 25, 2013)

Penokee Iron Range Trail -- Historic Iron County Courthouse Marker

This 5 1/2 Foot Diameter Drill Core (visited June 25, 2013) 

Historical Societies / Resources

Hurley Area Chamber of Commerce: Wilderness, Waterfalls and Wildlife

Hurley Area Chamber of Commerce: Facebook Page

Iron County Development

National Register of Historic Places: Wisconsin: Iron County

Wisconsin DOT: Map of Iron County

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